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 Caravan Parking
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In the beautiful city of Elefsina, Mr. Papakonstantinou Konstantinos has created a successful caravan parking business, offering the ultimate safety and comfort for nature and camping lovers. With three convenient locations in the area, this business best meets the needs of its customers.

  • Episminagou Nezi 1: This site is opposite the well-known slide of the area, and is ideal for those looking for a parking site for their caravan close to natural scenery and recreational activities.
  • Kanellopoulou Avenue 8: Conveniently located, this car park offers easy access to shops and services, making RV parking a comfortable process.
  • 13 Kanellopoulou Avenue: The third site offers reliable parking for caravans in an area that is ideal for camping enthusiasts.

Mr. Papaconstantinou has focused on creating specialized facilities that provide safety and comfort for his customers' caravans. With careful attention to detail and skilled staff, this business offers a reliable option for RV parking.

If you are a lover of nature and camping and you are in the area of Elefsina, the business of Mr. Papaconstantinou is the ideal choice for the safe parking of your caravan. Here, nature and expertise meet reliability and customer care.